Should I move on..... Really desperate for help and need answers

my boyfriend and I have a home together and been together for 10years however, he is very flirtatious and has even had emotional affairs. he is very handsome and charming and women really want to be with him and although i know for sure he loves me, he pushes his friendships too far. Says he is coming home to me and more or less its a game and i don't think it is right.
he has breakfast and lunch dates with so called friends but doesn't tell me. he loves the attention and i know more than he thinks. he is very socialable and says he gets along with women alot easier and can relate. hey, i'm very attractive too and have guy friends but I know my boundries and most important so do they!. .. i need to decide if I can continue living like this. Everyone tells me he wont change. I love him and having a realy hard time. The answer is in front of me and i keep looking for the answer!!
By Meshelle1 15 years ago :: Marriage
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