Is is right that the father of my son/boyfriend of 4 years wants to take his 3rd alone vacation in one year?

My boyfriend and I have a beautiful 18 month old son together. I stay home with our son and take children into our home while he works as an electrician. In March 2009 he and his friends went to Las Vegas for 8 days and left me to care for our son. Fortunately my son and I were able to go and visit friends in another state while he was gone. Since March, we both have had nights with our respected friends and together. This last week, he went away again for 5 days on a hunting trip with his father. On the way home he called me and told me that he didn't want to tell me before but he has another 5 day hunting trip planned for the beginning on December. I have not taken a vacation since my son was born and I am not able to afford a vacation because I work for myself so getting paid vacation is not an option. We keep our money separate so my boyfriend who has plenty of money would never pay for me to take a vacation. I just want to prove to him that it isn't right that hes taken so many without considering that I work hard as well and deserve a break aswell. Please help me out.
By deegreen824 15 years ago :: Dating
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