How do I deal with my fiance almost every night going to a club or bar?

We have been together for five years. We are raising to boys. My fiance finds a way to make it to the local bar or club almost every night of the week. I cannot take it. It is wasting money. He spends atleast $50-$100 on each trip because he feels he is a super star and has to get the VIP treatment. It is driving me insane! All I can think of is the money going out of the window and the temptation that is at these types of establishments. I am not a homebody by far but I think everything should be done in moderation. I have told him that on top of everything "perception" is everything. I wouldnt think that the guy that is in the club all the time has a "healthy" relationship. Help! How do I handle this???
By OliviaOlivia 15 years ago :: Marriage
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