Should I stay or would it better for my kids (and myself) to leave?

"I have been married for 20 yrs & in that time my husband has left me 4 times. He could never give a reason but just "wasn't happy". Three times were pre-kids. He has had 2 very bad accidents. The first was so bad (we were apart at the time & apart once before this time) they called his dad to ask if they could donate organs because they didn't think he would make it through the night. He did, with only slight scars he is fine.

Later he had an accident where he was in the hospital for 38 days at which time I spent day in & out w/him also making sure everything in "life" got done including making sure the children were well cared for.

The 4th time I was finishing school, a very intensive 6 months, he said he didn't want to be married. During all of this I begged he didn't do this. Why? I think it was because I knew it was the "right" thing to do.

Two years ago I decided he was right & we should get a divorce. He said he couldn't live without me he loved me more than anything and was hugging me so tight he bruised my arms & was so out of control he peed his pants. I had an officer come & gave a report. My kids were not home at this time.

My dad recently died @ only 65 & I am so heart broken & it makes me realize I don't want to feel like he did at the end of my life. He had a horrible marriage with my mom but they stayed together.

Help me.....I feel so stuck but don't want to ruin everyone's life. Do I stay because I should or can I leave & show my kids happiness is more important?
By styler 13 years ago :: Marriage
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