How can I help this girl that I work with?

I have been working at this company for 2 years now. This girl (e) has been working there for about a year. E is very clumsy, her appearance is dirty she wears the same clothes every day, the same black pants. She also has a smell to her that is pretty fowl. No one want to sit next to her b/c they cant take the stinch. She also has a bad craving for attention. E always find something to do to make to attention on her self (tripping on carpet, over he own feet in the middle of an empty room, hitting doors). She has no friends and no boyfriend. We have tried to get her out at work or find friends or a man. But she says no that shes going to stay at her mother and fathers for the rest of her life and live in her room. I and my coworkers would like so advise. We want to know what we could do to help her get out of this stage. Any advise would be very helpful. Thank You!
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