Should I tell my husband?

When I was younger I made some really bad decisions that I am not proud of, however, I have learned from my mistakes and I truly believe that I am now a better and stronger person. When I was 15yrs old, I got pregnant by a guy whom my mom knew wouldn't be able to take of me. He was much older than me and even though she insisted on me NOT seeing this guy, I still didn't listen (my mom said that his father used to beat his mother and she didn't want him to abuse me because of his houshold background). Needless to say, when my mom found out that I was pregnant she was very angry with me and she take me to the Dr to have an abortion (it wasn't against my will, b/c I was still a child myself). Since then, we have moved from that country and is now living in the US.
I was devastated when I moved at 15 yrs old because I had to leave my friends and my "boyfriend" behind. However, I made it through the transition and I started meeting new friends and started dating different guys so I had soon forgotten about my "boyfriend".
I finally met a guy in high school who is now my husband. We dated for 7yrs before we got married so we dated through college and all. During my college career, I ended up getting pregnant again on two separate occasions. Since we were both in college, I had to abort both of my pregnancies. To this day, I'm still devastated because I now had three abortions. My problem is, I'd never told my husband about the first abortion that I had before I moved to the US. I just think that if I tell him then he would never understand because men has huge egos. Do you think that I should tell him or just let it go since it happened years ago?
I have learned my lesson so I got on some really strong birthcontrol and finish up my college career.
By Nicole39 15 years ago :: Marriage
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