Does Time Really Tell?

My ex boke it off with me.. its been 2 wks. I told a small lie, 3 times.. to keep my story. That makes it a big lie, i really know that now.. Really didnt think it through cause it is the past and it was a simple question of "have you hooked Up with him?" I just wanted to live my relationship now rather than bring up the past cause all it ever does if Fuck things up! But he couldnt let go, The fact that i swore upon something that really ment ALOT to him which has wrecked it even more. He already had trust issues Why didnt i think this through?

I know i am just so Thoughtless, i ask myself why the hell? everyday. i just want to take it back but i cant. I have really relised Now HOw Important being completley honest is the MAIN part and strength of a relationship. I just want the chance to really show him who i can be and how happy i can make him. I NEVER ever cheated. never even looked towards another in that kind of way.. which i know he knows.. i broke the trust.

I havnt had much contact with him. never issued msgs in the wrong way ive really let him be cause he need this time and so do I. He has msgd me certain things that keeps me wondering, and gives me this hope that he loves me still. He alway told me he wanted a fighter someone strong. he wants to feel really loved. He told me when we broke up all he ever had is good memories with us and was hystericaly crying at the time. then a week later something happened and then he said You Skrewed it from the first time you lied. I am just so Confused at to where he is in his head and where i stand?

I am a good person, I know i am, he always told me this. He told me i was the most perfect Gf, I saved his life he said.. He told me thank you for changing his life. He is just so hot and cold and i feel ive made him emotionally challenged.. I want to earn his trust back. I know i can! does he need time? will he realize what he had? and that i made a mistake that i can really fix!
By msmilla1988 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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