I hate my sister because of the things she has done, am I a bad person?

My older sister, has always bullied me since I was little.
When she started to grow up my parents gave her all the attention because she was a bit of a 'lose cannon". She did drugs, drank heavily and slept around. She made fun of me in public at school, and always took everyone elses side.
My sister when reaching 18 left home and told no1 where she was going. She contacted noone for 6months, we all thought she was dead. I found her through some of my friends, only because of how upset my parents were. She didnt want to be found.
When she left, she started a lot of rumours, about myself and the rest of my family, she got child services called on my parents cause of all her lies.
To this day (5 years on) she still treats me like dirt, when my parents arent around she will hit me and speak to me like crap. She puts all my friends down and my boyfriend and when no one is around treats them like dirt.
I try to be nice to her, but after recent events where she tried to turn my mum against me, have i realised i hate her and cannot bare to look at her face.
Everyone tells me im a bad person cause no one can hate family. In my mind, she has never been family, family doesnt treat family like that.

By confused_girl 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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