My Mom won't accept that she ruined her children's lives.....

I have had many discussions with my Mom over this but she won't man up.. My Mother and Father divorced when I was 10. My Mom had 8 kids total only 6 are alive. One son was stillborn and one daughter died at 8 months. That leaves 3 girls and 3 boys living. I am the oldest girl. After the divorce my Mother was a horrible Mother. She was never home with us and we raised ourselves. At 15 my oldest brother went to jail for armed robbery his sentence was 15 years. He has since robbed and stolen all his life. He served those years but after being released he was always locked back up for something. As a matter of fact he's 41 now and just recently broke into some place 6 months ago and is back in jail. My other 2 brothers have been locked up also but one brother who is a year younger than me learned from that mistake and has since gotten his life together. The other brother broke into a house about two weeks ago and is facing charges. He also served 5 years for armed robbery a few years back. So this new charge is sure to bring on more jailtime. All three of my Mother's girls were pregnant young one sister was 12 the other was 11 and I was 17. My Mother never cared anything about what we did and who we did it with. The only thing she cared about was money! She introduced me to a 21 year old guy only because she was dating his brother! I was only 16 at that time. She told me that he seemed nice and he had a job. I was a senior at the time and she told me that she wouldn't be able to afford my senior things and maybe the guy would buy some of those things. I started dating him and he broke my virginity and got me pregnant and I never saw him after that. I try to tell my Mother that if she was a Mother and not one who constantly ran the streets with men then maybe we would of been better off. I had to cook for my siblings and get them ready for school. Sometimes I wouldn't see my Mom for days at a time. If it was the weekend I knew I probably wouldn't see her until Monday or Tuesday. When she did come home she would make us clean the house from top to bottom then wash her car and check her fluid levels on the car. Then off she would go to be with a man. And if she was low on money she would take us to the highway and give us a trash bag and make us collect cans. She would tell us what exit she would be waiting at to pick us up. Then she would buy us one soda to share because it was over 100 degree weather then off to the can man to sell the cans. Then she would drop us off at home and off she would go to be with her boyfriend at the time. I resent her for taking away my childhood and making me grow up at ten. I even more resent her for introducing and pushing me off on a man while I was 16 years old! He ruined my life and left me with a child that I had to raise alone! My Mother says it's not her fault...we made our own choices and we should of had better judgement. How can a child make a choice? That's what we need parents for as children to guide us in the right direction! We aren't born knowing anything that's why we need good strong parents.Am I wrong for telling her that she ruined us? she feels she did everything as she should.
By Lowalker 12 years ago :: Parent/Child
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