keep him or just walk away?

Sept I was away at time of boyfriend birthday and he had been acting funny before that red flags anyway, he's now away and I went to his apartment found card that said "thank you for wanting to spend part of your birthday weekend with me" then they say her birthday was in three week time, and they would have to get together again. I then find flyer in his car for sale of puppy, ok fine, but why do you have open dog food in back of your car and there is no dog at your place or MINE. Now your not coming over my house as much as you use to. When I couldn't keep you from my house. Went down this road with ex husband. Getting to old for games. If I tell him I went in his draw it wont be about him, it will be about me going in his stuff, am I wrong?
By msbermuda 15 years ago :: Dating
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