I don't want to have sex again until the right man comes along. He thinks I shouldn't.

I've experienced a few disappointments this year in relationships. I keep picking the wrong guys with some sort of complication to their story. So i've decided to stop having sex and leave men alone all together. I just want to take some time out to figure out where am i going wrong and how do i not make the same mistakes again. However.....

my guy friend believes that i shouldn't stop having sex. in fact he thinks that i should find a "buddy" to take care of my physical needs until the right person comes along.

i recognise this as him trying to get in my pants but i do wonder if having someone that i can go to for those needs is a better option. i don't want to be all alone. what if it takes me years to find the right guy?
By chanessa 15 years ago :: Dating
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