I want the kids to get there own cell phone account and my wife thinks they will get upset.

We have a cell phone account for the last 3 or more years with our kids on it.
They have promise to pay there protion every month and never do. Now they don't even bother to make a excuse why that can't pay. They put down loads on there phones and don't even care about asking us. My wife and me fight all the time about this and I think they are old enough to get there own account but my wife doesn't want to get in to that. My bill is almost 200 a month and I am getting fed up about it. The kids tell us they are alway broke but have money to go out bowling and out to eat all week long. My wife don't want to upset the kids about the issue but don't mind upsetting me. My Kids ages are. 22 and married and the 1 19 living at home. Who do you think is right.
By Scrappy 15 years ago :: Parenting
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