Should I initiate anything? like... ask him out for coffee?

I really like my demonstrator and would like to take it further than just a friendly relationship with him.

Problem is:

1. I'm sure there's a law against a student teacher relationship. The good news is he's only teaching me till the end of this year, bad news is he'll be transferring to another state to further his education next year

2. I'm not entirely sure of his feelings for me, he always starts conversations with me on fb, and a friend told me guys dont normally initiate unless they're interested. I tease him and he seems to like it, but i would say he has never flirted with me. Also, he seemed to pay less attention to me during classes than he did before.

I hesitate initiating, esp now, because i dont want things to get awkward, and i understand his situation
But i really like him

I dont know what to do
By sunsetter 15 years ago :: Dating
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