Lab partner continue.What was in those emails

Read my previous epost on lab partners .But in those emails my boyfriend suggeested mabye getting together and grab abite to eat and he would tell her everthin she wanted to know about his classes .He said he couldnt answer in the e mail to long and just didnt feel like it .Was his waying of blowing her off.He never did get togetehr.Second she told him hereis my phone number if you ever want to talk.Knowing his girlfriend didn t want him to he neve did call her .I beleive that since he is sofar from a aphone person yet alone a talker.I dont understand him tellinging her about a bite to eat .He is not a intiator at alal so that really bothers me.WHy would he all of a sudden say that.I know he told me why but it doesnt make sense.Also she invited him not her house for a papmper hef party.Why would you do that and not his girlfriend.It was the dealer who sent the invitation out it was throuh email but still .I didnt see all the emails but that was some of what I did know.So now what do you think?
By bak1123 13 years ago :: Dating
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