Support or not support my family move some 1998 miles away

My soul mate of 10+ years has asked to move all the things I love ( 2 childeren and dog) back to her hometown. I must let it be known that I had an emotional affair with a highschool (20+ years ago) girlfriend! I failed our marriage by not telling her that I was talking to the third party excessively. I have asked her for forgiveness for the hurt I have caused and the heart I have broken! I can't say it enough that I love her and my love for her has never faltered during our life time together. I understand her need to heal, and that takes time and she can only dictate the timeline. I am willing to do whatever it takes to repair our relationship and keep this great family we have. My concern is that this move will do further damage to our relationship and our family forever. My greatest dream is this family!
By Bull 15 years ago :: Marriage
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