Did I turn him off but yet still a good catch to where he doesn't want to let me go?

I have lived with a guy for almost 3 years. After 6 months he stopped any and/all intimacy with me. He stated he had a lot of things in his head he had to sort out and it wasn't anything to do with me as to why this happened. I found out during that sametime he visits many dating sites and talks with many women. He leaves in his work clothes-comes home dirty from they type of work he does - but does come home late everyday. He says he has never seen any of these people he has chatted with and never would because he wants a future with me. He says this is helping him to get better so we can have a better future. Am I just being blonde by believing this? Doesn't chatting usually end up going to the next level which is meeting/hooking up?
By bluebell 15 years ago :: Dating
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