Am I being selfish wanting my Sundays dedicated to my family?

I am currently attending some college classes with my best friend and another semi close friend. We are involved in a couple group projects for two of the classes. One of which is a presentation due this coming Tues night. A couple issues have come to light during this process and I do not quite know how to address them without making either one of them angry.
Time management seems to be an issue with each one of us having their own agenda apparently. We are all older women with families to attend to,jobs (which I am currently laid off again) and other routine obligations. We have had two weeks to work on this particular "group" project and have made a couple attempts to meet and work on this. It never seems to work out, one of us always has to back out due to another obligation or responsibilty. Or the one Thurs. night we were suppose to meet at the library my best friend called saying she had a bad day at work and was not going anywhere that night. So now we are pushing the deadline to its limit which is adding to my stress level.
We discussed our schedules when this was assigned and I made it VERY clear at that time I am not available on Sundays. I prefer my Sundays to be spent with my family and I make a huge Sunday dinner. My best friend declared "why not sundays? are not doing anything anyway"! I explained again that is time for my boys and quality family time. She didnt really seem to care because apparently Sunday is convienant for her.
So we had this one last weekend to work on this and I find out through her daughter ,my best friend decided to go up north and visit with her mother Fri. and came back late Sat. night. So now with this being Sunday, I get a text saying we are meeting at the library at 2pm. At this point I have no choice but to meet them otherwise my grade with be affected in the class. I wasnt exactly given a choice and i'm starting to get the feeling that this whole group schedule is going to revolve around whatever the bestie finds conveniant. I feel it was very selfish of her to go up north with the deadline being Tues and now i'm forced to give up my Sunday family time. Is it wrong of me to want my Sundays dedicated to my family as they have always been?
By incognito2u 15 years ago :: Friends
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