Is an isolated relationship a healthy one??

I am 20 years old and I moved to Nevada with no family or friends. I left behind at home in California all my bad memories and experiences with my ex. After living here for a year I finally was going out and having fun. I had no intentions of being in another relationship. Then my living situation almost forced me to move back home. But I had recently met someone that was more amazing than any guy I had ever been with. I found a way to stay so I could be with him. We began dating after I stayed and moved in together after a month. We have been together for a year. Our relationship is great. He is a wonderful guy. The only problem I have is that within that year we have been together, I haven't made any new friends. We don't go out with anyone, we don't go to parties. Our plans for Halloween? That would be to sit at home and do nothing like we always do. The only times we go out are when we go out to eat somewhere, which is usually my idea and I have to pay. I have recently developed panic attacks when I am around other people. I think this may be due to my isolated relationship. We are great together, but I want a life too. Once, he went to a football game without me because I couldn't get a ticket and of course he didnt think to buy me one. I sat at home and felt so lost and jealous. I want friends and to go out and do things too. But I feel he is holding me back. I have a male friend that is gay that I went to study with for my math class. But my boyfriend even gets jealous of a gay guy!! I make suggestions to do things but he always disagrees. I don't know what to do. My boyfriend is great, but I feel like he is holding me back. Should I give up everything between us to have my own life? Is that selfish or stupid? What should I do?
By Nevada89 13 years ago :: Dating
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