What can I do when a best friend starts doing things with someone else?

One of my best friends is doing things with another co-worker mutual friend and not me anymore. We were always known as the Bobsey Twins, but she has a 'new' Bobsey Twin and it's not me.. I don't have some things in common with them ie running,dancing, partying. I am more of a homebody. I do make efforts to do some of these things with them minus the running. All came to an eruption when they took a day off from work together. My Bobsey friend always called me if she was not coming in to work or would be late. I called her cell phone to see if everything was OK. Not a peep from her. Next day when she came to work she said how r u? I said Fine and walked away. We did meet one night after work to discuss how I am feeling. I feel our friendship is going in a different direction. I am trying to just stay in the background and try not to let this situation get the better of me.
By muffin22 15 years ago :: Friends
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