Should I stay in my rship or should i end it?

Let me start at the start..I met my man online talked on msn and web cam and soon we were talking on the phone for at least 8 hours a night.Planning to meet and him move over to live with me. We booked my flight there and our ship sales back. All went well but one night he got really drunk. I told him to stop drinking but he didnt. He called me a hore and fuck wit. After a long talk in the morning and a lot of im sorrys we decided that we would carry on with our plans for him to move in with me. 2 months went well. We were going out one night to a work event.He ended up getting very drunk and because i told him to stop drinking he stood up and in front of everyone called me a cunt of a thing. All th way home he was saying im going to smash your windows.He was calling his family saying i was a cunt of a thing aswell. The next day i didnt talk to him and all he did was cry.After a week of thinking i decided that i wouldnt brake up with him just because i love him.Three weeks later we are out with mates having dinner and he brings out a ring and asks me to marry him.I knew i didnt want to marry him but I said yes just infront of our mates.When we had finished i walked out with my mate kelly and took the ring off.Later I told him i didnt want to get married as I was to young.He says he sees us getting married next year and having kids.I dont see this.A few weeks later he goes to a work thing and comes home after drinking and tires to tell me it was apple juice!!Things have gone from great to fighting all the time.He has paid about 3 grands worth of bills and has 3 grand to go.We have some good things in our rship but im finding it hard to get over some of the things he has said.The other week we were out and we were lost and i was trying to help.He looks at me and says shut up or ill kick you in the cunt.Since he has returned the ring to pay some bills.He also asked his ex to marry him 2. what should I do?
By Rodda 15 years ago :: Dating
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