Do "Breaks" work or make any sense?

So its been three years with here and she wants to take a "Break". So its a ways into our relationship. She is 22 and im 28. She left this letter for me one day saying how she was unhappy with her job and her family was having problems. She is very over dramatic when it comes to anything. She says we dont do anything together anymore.. I have asked her a million times... what do you want to do? She also thinks I have to hang out with her and her friends. Im not social. She should know that by now. Her friends are all late teen, early 20's. Im not into that crowd. She also wants an indoor dog. I dont want one yet. I told her maybe in a few years. I even let her get another cat and three dogs outside. She is still unhappy.

She gave me this line of crap about how she is so used to having an inside dog and she really needs one. She does this about once a month and I know as soon as its braught up that were going to have some problems. Now she wants to take a 'break' and live with her parents for a month. I told her I dont do breaks. If your life is so horrid, you can just leave. Now she is all pissed off and just going to give all the dogs away and leave.

Am I wrong to not think she is being psycho? She is crying about her job and family situation... wow! Sorry. It must suck to be the only person in the world with problems.... Should I be ok with a 'break'??? I have only seen bad outcomes from breaks. Usually a break is just when one person wants to go have some fun and get some other guy or girl out of there system... advice?
By ChuckNorris 15 years ago :: Dating
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