Daddy not there for daughter's surgery.

I'll try to keep this succinct. Our one and only daughter, 5, is having her tonsils and adenoides removed plus tubes in her ears on Tuesday this week. Just found out that my husband, her father, is not taking the day off of work to be with us.
He's looking for employment elsewhere so there's no real job loyalty.
I've told him that I've got Lorazepam (1mg) to take because I'm seriously stressing about this.
I tried to get his input on a surgery date for 3 weeks before deciding by myself the date.
I picked the date based on him looking for another job and the health problems our daughter is experiencing plus her speech impairment. She can't hear well enough to enunciate as well as others her age. What was I to do? Ride the carousel 'round and 'round until he decides and chance further possible complications such as lack of insurance? And oh, yeah! chance a "Merry Christmas! you get to be housebound and in pain for a week little girl! "

Okay so, his parents are going to be there with me. They are a true Godsend. The problem is that they are his parents. What do I say when the ask where their son is on surgery day? He has the vacation time. He has no job loyalty. They know that already.

I want to be truthful without being sinister.
By splathappy 15 years ago :: Parenting
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