Was I right To just let this matter go?

Well this how it all started...I started a new job a few months ago. My job duties include answering phones,filing,faxing,and delivering parts.On my first day One of my two co-workers went with me on some deliveries to introduce me to the customers. Well on our first stop it turns out that a person my husband use to work with was the main mechanic at that shop. So I thought well its good to see a familiar face on my first day . Well i was wrong... Any way when i got home I told my husband about running into his old co worker Tony . He was like oh how is he doing ? i said hes doing fine . I asked about Dee too his wife and he says she doing good too. Well soon after i started working here Tony started buying more parts. I would deliver sometimes twice a day to him. Then one day he asked me if i would go to lunch with him ...I was like sure why not....So we had a few more lunches together then he gives me diamond earrings! I was like wait a minute hold up . You should be giving these to your wife not me. I WAS freaking out. I never felt uncomfortable with him before until now...I wanted to jump out of the truck. I was in disbelief over this..And yes i my husband knew we would go to lunch . He old enough to be my father! We've gone to his house and had dinner with him and his wife and our kids. I was like i can't accept these and he like just take them and he put them in my purse . by then we were at the office and just wanted to get off the truck. So from then on he asked me again and again to go out to lunch and i kept saying no....THen he got to where he was ordering more parts i would see him at least 2x a day....THen it got way outta hand he asked me what it would take for me to give him what he wanted! i was in shock! i was in the parts truck wanting to get outta of there but he was wedged in between the door so i couldn't reverse! he then started grabbing my head trying to kiss me! by then i was freaking out yes it gets worse he then put his hand in between my legs i was like MOVE I'M GONNA RUN OVER U IF U DONT MOVE ! HE was like bye i'll see u tomorrow. I told my boss who then called the owner of the company . And was like i just wanna quit. I dont wanna hurt his wife i know her shes a nice lady. i know she deserves to know but geez . i know he should be fired too but i was just freaking out ...needless to say nothing happend but the fact that i no longer deliver to him. Mean while he stopped buying parts from us for awhile but has started buying again...THe company is sucking up to him buying him breakfast and giving him a christmas gift! When he come in the office they shake his hand! AND SAY hey hows it going we haven't seen u in awhile... IT JUST BURNS ME UP. Like if he did nothing wrong! but its my fault for backing down.
By red77 15 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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