Why is prostitution illegal?

I am a prostitute. I have been for about a year now. I am 21 years old and a student in college. I work very hard in school and will be graduating. I do not have parents or anyone to help me financially. I was unable to find a job but needed some way to support myself. Long story short, I became a prostitute.

I have a small list of clients that I see on a regular basis, either at their home or mine. They pay me well for my time and I enjoy spending time with them. Condoms are ALWAYS used and non negotiable. I get tested all the time for STIs and HIV and am always clean. I am a productive member of society, I volunteer for several different organizations and projects. I like what I do. I am a very sexual person and have always had a healthy sex life.

If men want to pay me to have sex with them, what is wrong with that? Why is it illegal in most places in the US?
By zyxstl 15 years ago :: General
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