Is it ok for me to become a stripper as a 20 year old single mother of a daughter?

I am a high school dropout and I have 2 felonies on my record. I got married at 19 and was separated shortly after. My husband is a high school dropout also. The felonies were caused by me listening to my Mother and using a stolen credit card to purchase my Mom some things. I was 19 at the time. She then got mad at me because I wouldn't do something else she wanted me to do. She called the police and reported me. I then was charged and I'm now on probation. She never admitted that she is the one that told me where the credit card was and took me to the store to purchase the things for her. Of course I put some things in the cart for me and my husband too. But the majority of the stuff was for her and I filled up her vehichle with gas. I can't get a job because of my felonies so I have beacame a stripper. My Aunt is blowing up on me, she practically raised me, my Mom had me at 12. She says I need to go back to school,get an education. She says I could work at a fast food resturant if I have to. I don't want to flip burgers. She also says it doesn't make sense for me to degrade myself ,I have a daughter to raise. I also recieve all the goverment assistance and my rent is paid by the government. But I want to have nice things in life too. These felonies will keep me from walking in and getting jobs. Is my Aunt right or should I continue to tell her to butt out! She has helped me out a lot she has kept my daughter a lot and bought her a lot of clothes. That still doesn't give her the right to say anything to me. I am an adult!
By Taurus 15 years ago :: General
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