marriage to a cousin

i was 46 years old, divorced, when i met my 43 year old cousin for the first time in my life. i can't explain it, but from the moment i met him, i thought of him as just another man.i am an educated woman , so please don't think i'm stupid. to to get to the point, we both fell head over hills for each other. my mother had a fit and still doesn't speak to me. my 27 year old daughter is fine with it. she says she's never seen me happier. because of my mother making me feel like i was doing something wrong, i went to a therapist and told her everything. she explained that marriage between cousins dates back to biblical times . but she said there will always be people who find it vile and just plain wrong. i love him with all my heart. we"ve been together 3 years now and were married may 2009.
By sandy6063 15 years ago :: Marriage
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