Do i Play This game?

He does these things to make me jealous and he knows it works. writing ridiculous comments to his exs pictures, and they are just too far! i have not even talked to any guys or tried to. I feel like i want to i wana make him jealous to see if he really cares..

i need to have some power over him but without making it seem obvious that i am. Throughout our relationship, he had the power through it and it was never really even, and that shits me to tears! i want my power back i need to know how to push his buttons.

I probably sound pathetic, but how we ended was so unfinished and theres so much more to say and do. we just went through to much for it to end like this.Ive gota give it some time months or so to see how i feel about him and if this love is for real.

Do i give a little something back? or will it make it worse. He him self is very jealous, i know he still cares and he doesnt give up, untill he wins..

This has been so exhausting for me and i just wana die and get away. When it was good, god, it was amazing but when its bad it was intense i wanted to explode.. But i didnt care cause he made me so happy! and Its a love i feel will never be again with anyone, we connected so deep, on every level, it was love at first sight (corny) but very true it was unreal and extremley passionate.

Has anyone fought for someone they love so Frigin much it becomes a secret obsession? Is it worth fighting for? should i move on.. will dating someone send him insane? that whats i want.. but i dont want to hurt anyone else ..
By msmilla1988 13 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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