There is this boy who I've liked for a while. (Let's call him John) I had my friend (Let's call her Ashley) talk to him for me, and tell him that I find him attractive, and to find out if he would want to go out with me, since I was way to nervous to ask John myself! So she talked to him, and later that day, she told me what John had said. She told me, "well, he seemed surprised that you liked him, but he seemed happy. and he said that he'd think about it. (*think about going out with me)"

So here is my problem...this happpend yesterday. But today, in school, things were awkward between me and John. We have many classes together, and in most of them we have assigned seating, where we MUST sit near each other. I honestly think that he DOES NOT like me, but I'm not sure...I just don't know what to do!! Things are so awkward...Any advice??
By loveee1994 13 years ago :: Friends
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