What is the appropriate definition of "Interior Garage Door"

We lost one of our garage door openers and my husband said if I was going to use mine to come and go from the house I would need to unlock the "Interior Garage Door".
So, this morning when I left I opened the door that leads to the garage from our house, walked through the garage over the the garage door and turned a knob. When I hit the button for the garage door to open, it just made a noise but did not open.
When my husband got home I told him the garage door was not working and I told him what I did, he asked me why I turned the knob to the garage door and I repeated to him what he had told me to do, he said the "interior garage door was the door "leading to the garage" and I took it to mean the "inside" part of the garage door, which prompted the argument over what is the meaning of "Interior Garage Door"

So, am I crazy or is he? I obviously think it meant the "inside part of the garage door" and he thinks it refers to the door leading into the garage,

What do you all think
By edrn2bee 15 years ago :: General
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