After 4 yrs of giving, losing n waiting why should I get dropped. Things are always one way.

in the 4 yrs i have delt with n ex always around the lost of two cars a $1500 ring at least 10 to $1500.00 all together in the 4 yrs. never going out but 4 times alone only time we go out is wit the kids 19,20,n21. we talked on the phone morning noon n night now only when she feels like calling . in the 4 yrs she hada lawsuiti took her to all her doctors appointments a 40 mile round trip when she got paid i didnt see her for aweek or so i didnt know she got paid until she came buy and gave me like $90 by this tme i had lost one car by her driving the car over heated for aweek never adding water then the next car was smashed up when her son took the car and smashed it up . but let me say i'm not perfect but alot of my reactions come from a lack of respect. i hav been told oh so many times to let her go but stay with her cause of love having faith. thru all i hav been delt with i stood there but now i hear im controling if she calls my job and i speak to anyone she will say thats not nice but we can be on the phone as she walks down the street she may talk to anyone n everyone who passes buy . i have been doing aworkout at my place and she liking my results oh she tells me i would like to workout wit me but the weights i have are to heavy i go and buy the lighter weights but i got held up at work . when i call herwhen i get home she picks up the phone then hangs up then she calls back with an attitude about im trying to control her cause i called her. well i know what it is but you tell me what you think.
By mrman 15 years ago :: Dating
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