How would you handle family that doesn't like a man you love?

I met a man online 3 years ago.We we're just friends but as time passed we got to know each other and our feelings grew into more than friends.We've taken our time getting to know each other talking online and the on the phone several times a week.We have been there for each other during difficult times.We live in different states and decided to meet and see how it goes.I've mentioned him to family over the years.,and from the start they have told me they don't approve of the whole thing.They are totally against my meeting him and make me feel bad because I'm going through with meeting him.They have made up their minds they hate him without even knowing him and I know they won't give him a chance.My family has no trouble telling me how they feel about the whole thing and it hurts.If he makes me happy and I want to be with him,they should be happy for me,but they aren't.How do I handle this?
By islandgirl 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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