Is it appropriate to take 2yo child to visit termianally ill grandparent that they have never met?

My husband wants to take our 2yo with him on a trip to see his terminally ill step-grandfather (who has not always treated DH kindly during his life). Our 2yo has never met Grandpa and I think he is in the hospital so it is unlikely that they would let her in to see him. The trip would involve flying which I am terrifed of (especially not being with my child). He would be seeing the rest of his family, but they are also dealing with the imminent death of their husband/father and it seems like it is overly burdensome to throw a 2yo into the mix. If DH is supposed to be going to say his goodbyes, it doesnt seem like a good idea to take the baby.
By nbkmomo2 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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