Should i make my 18 yr son join the armed Force ( Air Force)?

I retired from the army, I ask my son in the 9th grade what he wanted to do after HS 1st answer was i dont know. 2nd year answer was i guess college my son has no studies skills what so ever the only time he will do his homework/studies is me... putting fire to his behind. So, in the 11th grade i made him enroll in JROTC which he claims he likes. Now he is in the 12th grade, and saying i want to go to army now ......Than... it was the air force because its safer than the army right now he saids.. so i said OK now just last night He wants to go to college and be and officer (ROTC) I really thing he is just scared..... of what......maybe growning up or just failing i not know HELP.
By jwest1 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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