Please Help! Sex related question!

I have a girlfriend, let's call her..... "Roxy". Me and Roxy are both 16, and we both attend high school. Me and her have been dating for eight months now, and we've been talking about it on and off, and lately, she's been asking for sex! I don't have a problem with a girl wanting it, but still! I kind of feel uncomfortable having sex at 16! And we've been kind of arguing lately, and it makes it even more awkward!

Here would be a mini conversation from us.

Me. "I Love you!!!!"
Roxy "I Love you too!!!"
Me "How much?!?!?!"
Roxy "Enough to have sex with you!!!!!"

And I bet some guys out there would be like "OOOOOoooooO!!! DO IT!".

My question is.

For the people of America out there, Will I regret having sex at 16?

and if you're wondering about our relationship....
Me and her get along EXCELLENT! We've lasted eight months ARGUMENT FREE! We do talk about some things, but it's not really arguing! We really care for each other, and we'd do anything for each other! We love each other a whole lot, and we both, look forward to the future.

So, what do you think? please answer honestly and maturely!!!
By DoughmanDan 15 years ago :: Dating
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