Is my ex boyfriend playing head games or does he want me back?

I broke off the relationship of 3 yrs and have a 1 yr old with him, 5 months ago. I am not sure if he is playing head games with me or indirectly showing he wants to get me back. he calls all the time, texts ridiculous questions and asks me to do a lot of favors for him, do his laundry, bring him tools that he needs, meet up with him to pick things out for our daughter and then ends up offering to take me out to lunch. in turn he takes it upon himself to fix things around my house(with out me asking), go out of his way to be helpful and offered to pay for my tires I need. If he suspects I am dating he goes on a tangent. his inability to be a protector and provider was one of the reasons I left. However, he is the type that is a big point prover. I am wondering if he is trying to prove to me that leaving the relationship was a big mistake or if he really is making these changes to show me he is the person I want to be with. I can't seem to get the 'Dream' of the family and my future with him out of my head. I am looking for piece of mind that this is all a fascination in my head and that I need to move on.
By Confucious7 15 years ago :: Dating
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