he refuses to help me with money! help me! im so tired!

my boyfriend and i have been together for 2 years. we have an appartment and as you can imagine, the bills are a lot. im a college student and have a full time job. while i am at school and work, he is at home eating and playing video games and watching tv... ive put up with it for almost 6 months now. and im starting to get fed up. and i keep asking him to get a job because i cant afford this by myself. ive been asking for months for him to go get one. and he always says, "ok baby i will i promise..." well here we are... jobless... i told him today that if he doesnt go out and get a job, then we are going to have a problem. and now he wont speak to me... it just feels unfair. i work my ass off and he just gets to play arround and do nothing and see his friends and play games and go to hockey games... im so physically and emotionally tired i dont know what to do. i cant threaten to kick him out, he has no where else to go. im just so frustrated
By psychmajor 15 years ago :: Dating
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