Concert Tickets--Is it ethical . . .?

There's a great concert coming up in NYC and I notified many friends via email. My best friend and his wife were very enthusiastic about wanting to go. There would be 4 of us (me, my wife, best friend and his wife). My best friend's wife said she would try to purchase tickets and I said I would try as well (to give ourselves a better chance at getting them).

I end up scoring AMAZING seats--2nd row, center. The total for 4 tickets is $245. My best friend's wife did not get any tickets.

I could potentially sell these tickets for maybe $2000 each and make a huge profit. With the profit I could buy 4 more tickets (quality seats but not nearly as good as the original ones I scored) from Stubhut or the like and we could all still go to the show. I would pay for everyone's ticket and not expect anyone to reimburse me. My best friend and his wife get quality seats to an amazing show for free, and I make a healthy profit.

Is it ethical, moral, right for me to keep all of the profit? Or should I split the profit with my best friend?
By Swell 15 years ago :: Friends
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