should i continue with a frienship?

i have a friend who i've been close with for awhile now and everything was going good until she became mad at me for not putting her name in my profile. at first i thought it was just a little arugment and we would work it out, but that still hasnt happened. everything that i do now seems to make her mad and she believes that im going down the wrong path in life. all of my friends continue to come up to me asking me questions and telling me about stuff that she has told them about me and our situation. it seems like everything that i do is wrong and just recently it seems like shes jealous of my friends and the people that i hang out with. in the past i have really been the only one that has stayed by her side while she was going through a rough time. and now that she has made a new friend it seems lik shes almost obsessed with her and has been shutting me out and down every since.

should i continue to fight for this friendship or should i just let it go!?
By Loooo 16 years ago :: Friends
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