Her girlfriends get on my freakin' nerves.

I broke up with my ex girlfriend a few months ago. She's well to do and most of her friends are too. I'm the artist one that seemed to have smoothed her corporate hardness out. Long story short... she took it hard... I feel like were are on two different pages when it comes to expressing feelings and honest thoughts. I'm more open, and she's very calculated in what she says and does... which doesn't work well for me when I am trying to make forward progress with her. That was the past. So, I've decided to give her another chance... us another chance. And that means I have to wait for her to come around. What I am seeing now and hearing from her is that she thinks I couldn't "handle" a strong woman. She goes on to site instances where I couldn't handle her paying for meals in front of people. One of her famous girlfriends and other have been gassing up, making her believe foolish stereotypes "he can't handle a strong woman" in order to help her get over me. So now lol, I have to deprogram this mythical logic before we can even have a conversation about going forward. siiiiiiiigh, depth of my manhood is not determined by the difference in pay... which is why she wanted me from the beginning... and on throughout the relationship. I never wanted her for what she could do. I genuinely like her as a person... her strength, her sense of humor, her wit, intelligence, and the caring and compassionate side that comes out. She was just rushing the hell out of things and I got tired of saying slow down, what's the rush. And so now, all those girlfriends of hers that used to like me... all speak hissing pissing thoughts about me... because their girl is hurt. They are all my ex's cheering section in whatever she does. Mostly because she's hired them or given them validation in circles that have propelled them forward. A bunch of ass kissing friends for the most part. So as she and I are talking and trying to mend things together and talk about moving forward, I have to hear about what her friends think about me. "Are you kidding? He broke up with you? I just talked to him, why didn't he bring it up? I have told her in so many words, "Your friends don't mean anything when it comes to me and you... there are only two opinions that matter... yours and mine. That's it." And she has nothing to say about that. I wonder if the small miracle happens and we end up getting married... will this be the case.
By Mrkarmel 15 years ago :: Dating
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