How can I get him to pick up after himself???????

Ok, here is the story... my husband and I are both 26yrs old and we've been married for a year. However, he seems to have a problem with picking up after himself. Everytime that he takes off his underwear, he leaves it in the bathroom, if he takes off his jacket he throws it on the couch or on my computer chair, and when he takes off his work pants he just throws them on the chair as well. His shoes never goes in his closet, they just remain anywhere in the living room after he takes them off.

Usually I figured that I'll just clean up and hang everything up but it sometimes frustrates me to know that he can hang his own stuff up but he refuses to. Everytime that I confront him about it then he starts an argument by saying that he lives here too and why does it bother me so much and if I don't like it then I should move out. Then he'll start saying childish and disrespectful things to me because I say something to him about it. I need him to start picking up after himself without me having to tell him EVERYTIME, also I hate that fact that he'll use the F word to me in an argument about his slobby ways. I need your help solving this matter please. Thanks very much.
By Nicole39 15 years ago :: Marriage
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