Did I do the right thing in telling my boyfriend I will be disappearing for a while?

My boyfriend has always treated me with love and respect. He told me he would call me the next day and we would set up a weekend to meet. (He lives in another state). 3 days later I called him and I cried for a few seconds when he acted like nothing was wrong. I told him I missed him and longed for him. He became annoyed and said he didn't long for me. He said I put pressure on him to marry him and he is not sure he wants that to happen. The truth is that he has been the one discussing marriage. I corrected his misstatements and he did not challenge them.
He was so upset and threw everything into the anger pot he holds dear including me and his spirituality. I was upset that instead of talking to me about his recent major problems he made me one of them.
The next day he called and vaguely apologized. I told him that I was very hurt and he didn't say anything to comfort or assure me. I said that if he wants me in his life he will have to fight for me and that the ball is in his court.
I thought that if he loved me he would make some kind of effort to show it. I also wanted to give him some time to chill.
It has been 4 days since I heard from him. I love him very much and am not sure I did the right thing. I am afraid I will never hear from him again.
By August 15 years ago :: Dating
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