Should I get divorced?

My husband and I have been together almost 3 yrs and have been married for almost 2 and half years. I'm 32 and he is almost 27. I have been married before 9 yrs in between, I have 2 children and can't have anymore. I'm also practicing Christan and he is not. We both have mood disorders,(mine is managed) I'm on SSI and he is unemployed has been most of our marriage. We have tried to start a business together and with some success but now it seems I'm doing most of the work and he just plays computer games. His family from the start hated my faith, even tho at first he didn't seem to care. He also at first didn't seem to care that I didn't want anymore children. Now 3 yrs later, we fight all the time about the chores, money, now religion, he goes back and forth on wanting more kids. He plays games all day, stays up most of the night. When he wants to do or want's something I have to give in or he will have a fit. He has a bad temper (he breaks things) he also has GAD/ depression, I think he has bipolar1 but refuses to get help for it. (his mom and brother have it) He cheated on me last yr while we were separated, I found out this past January. Forgave him and tried hard to make this marriage work. I admit I have superior wife syndrome, but I felt like I was never given a choice. I do everything, cook, clean, take care of the kids, pay bills, manage the money and have the money and now the business, which I didn't want to run at all! Go to church take care of the animals etc. In order to get any help from him, I have to ask. He never volunteers. NEVER! He had a bad WOW addiction, would play every day for hrs and was an a-hole when that game was around. We got rid of it and he seemed to want to work on the marriage. But today, he blew up at me out of nowhere and brought up my religion, and how he wasn't good enough etc. Out of the blue!! We were fine for the last few weeks! Now, we are back to the same old bullcrap. The same old thing and frankly I am exhausted. I am over his panic attacks, his temper, the moodiness, his entitled attitude, immaturity, doing everything around the house and plus. I feel the stress is effecting my youngest son he sleep walks now?! Granted we dont fight every day, he isn't a jerk everyday, but when he is he is and when we fight we fight! And the other things, every time I do something wrong when it comes to the business he questions me as why I would do it that way, treats me like a child! I know he isnt happy with me, he is very withdrawn and when he does talk on our good days, its always light conversation. I feel he resents me. I also feel he is in the marriage, because I have everything and he doesn't. I have the money, the home, the car etc. He maybe getting his SSI next month.. We did the marriage counseling last yr and we ended up getting separated. He left me and then cheated. I am pretty much ready to move on. I love him, but I am exhausted. I got my tubes tied for a reason, I dont want to raise anymore kids. And he is like a 3rd child. I want a man.. not this?! But I dont know what to do. I can't find any information on divorce with kids that aren't his own. My little boy calls him Daddy.. Sigh God help me...:( It would be easier to ask for a separation if he had his own money and car. I feel we both can't think we are always together! I'm sure most ppl will say get out of this.. but this is my side. He isn't a bad man, young, immature and I feel has gotten way over his head when he wanted to marry me and I also looking back think he married me for all the wrong reasons. But I dont know...
By Bittenbutterfly 14 years ago :: Marriage
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