My Ex's Powerful Friend has hired one of my friends : )

My ex has one very influential friend. He owns a label that has a very well known artists that you've heard. So through my ex, we became really cool... not that there was this brotherly bond that two best male friends have... but it was pretty much fabricated on the basis of him wanting to see my ex happy, married, and all that good stuff. And that was pretty much the case with all her friends (whom she holds in extreme high regard). So I'm not really the dude that goes around telling the status of my relationship to anyone but my very very very very close friends. So he and I are still kinda sorta communicating after my girl and I broke up. And I'm like he ain't my friend friend friend and its really none of his business. And its her friend. So he asked me hey "do you know anyone who needs a job." And I'm like hmm, let me see. So I conduct a search and I send him two of my friends... both women. He is so appreciative and then goes through the interview process with both. He's at the brink of hiring one... and then my ex tells him. And he goes "What... are you kidding... oh my good ness, are you okay... well he didn't even tell me... that's so strange... well I'm about to hire one of his friends to come work for me." And of course my girl is eating all this up because this is news to her ears for the first time. And so as she and I are talking, she's telling me "yeah and he told me that your friend is about to get hired and I told him listen, whatever you're doing for him... keep doing it... my ex man is a good guy." And he's like "are you sure... " And I'm like whatever... if you need someone in your office, hire her... I was cool enough to send her your way... I should be cool enough after we broke up. And he sent me a very bland one line email that said 'thank you'... lol... and my friend emailed me today and was like "ooooooooooo I got it... I owe you drink." I don't know, I'd like to think my heart was in the right place. Dude asked me... I conducted a search... and now hopefully the record exec's job will be a lot easier.... how should I handle it when if my girl brings it up? she puts a spin on stuff that suggests she had something to do with the final say... which I could almost care less.
By Mrkarmel 15 years ago :: Dating
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