Do I have a right to be irrated with my mother because she is too picky and ungrateful?

My mother and I have had a love hate relationship for years, however, it seems to be improving over the past years. However, she irritates me because she is so picky and ungrateful about everything from her being sick and the neighbors bringing her food.. and she complains that it is aweful and she throws it away to sending me on a wild goose chase to find her a place to stay for 3 months while she visits me in Florida over the Holidays. She gave me a budget of $1,200.00 a month for stay in Florida from Dec to Feb or March. I have spent two weeks looking at places and with this low budget the places aren't "up to her standard". I looked at places for $1,900.00 a month and they are not palaces but are very nice. I offered to pay the difference. I sent pictures over the internet off all the places and she had something negative to say about all of them.. :The carpet is filthy.. the kitchen is too small.. no tv in the bedroom.. etc.. so I told her fine... I am done looking.. now I know what is gonna happen.. she is gonna call me in a few weeks and wine about not getting to see me for Christmas.. Birthday..etc. So.. How irrated should I be at her?
By pippi 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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