Am I being rude or controlling? Did my husband act in an aggressive reactive way causing an unnecessary fight?

So my husband is shaving his neck leaving the hot water running while I am brushing my teeth and not leaving the water running at my sink. Right after he rinses his razor for the first time I reach over and simply turn the water off. I hate wasting water and he knows that. He turns it back on and does NOT rinse his razor (you could tell he did this to prove a point). This happens a few more times. So he eventually rinses his razor and leaves it running again. I push the stopper down and the water begins to fill and I turn the water off. Problem solved he can rinse his razor in the hot water in the sink. He slams his hand down on the stopper, glares at me and turns the water back on and starts in on this tirade about how controlling I am and I just thrive on trying to control him and how rude of a human being I am. I was truly just trying to turn the water off to save a little of it and keep our electricity bill down. That is all, I just find it slightly ridiculous that he blew up on me and a completely overreactive aggressive attitude. Granted I probably could have said "Can you please not leave the water running the whole time?" which I am sure he would have responded with "Can you please not constantly tell me what to do?". Any request to him is always followed by him telling me I am always telling him what to do, despite the fact I try to always ask him. Anyways, the whole situation of course blew up with both of us getting pissed. I just felt like if he hadn't reacted in such an aggressive manner and just simply asked me to ask him this would be a big deal. I am not perfect but I hate when he is so reactionary to my simple mistakes. It creates a totally unnecessary elevated, heated, hostile environment. This is just one example of many. I do something, that unintentionally pisses him off and he swears I am trying to control his every move and he will do something like get in my face, slam some doors or throw something in an aggressive manner to show me "how pissed he is". What he doesn't do is talk to me first or let me explain why I do some things the way I do. He just reacts its that simple, he has a very reactive personality and this I feel like is the biggest source of our problems.
By CardaMom 15 years ago :: Marriage
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