Are we rite for each other?

My husband and i have been married almost a Year but we have only know each other 2 years and we moved into together after 2 weeks of dating then 5 months later we were engaged.. then a month after the engagment we found out i was pregnant. We have a 11 month old little boy!! HE'S MY LIFE!!! :0) Our son was 4 months old when we got married and ever since we had him NOTHING has been the same between us!! We are ALWAYS fighting he Never wants to help me out with our son, i mean i am like a single mom besides the fact that he provides for us!! I mean sometimes we are happy together but it only last a few days then things are back to fighting. He never wants to talk about things and always says im nagging him but i am not trying to i just want some answers on what we should do!! He just seems so bored with me but then the next day he acts like he jsut loves me to death!! I am soo fed up with the whole situation and at this point dont even know if its worth all the torture to stay married!! He is the type of man who its either his way or no way and he can have friends n go out but all hell breaks loose if i even ask!! he is contstantly playing head games with me as well. I feel like i cant handle this anymore but he woulnt talk about anythign with me!! Hes to selfish and an asswhole to care so y should i but i do thats the thing but i dont want to be "that girl" and stays in a relationship with a man that walks all over her!!
By prettylady03 15 years ago :: Marriage
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