should i wait to talk to her again, or write an apology for her birthday (March 14!!!)???

so i moved to florida 2 years ago and my bff still lives in maryland (lets call her lola). lola and i kept in touch--she visited me for my bday, i visited her for xmas, etc etc. last summer we went to a camp i had previously gone to but not with her. we decided it would be a great way to see each other for the summer. howvever, when i visited her in january of this year, she said she was thinking about taking her other friend (that i knew when i lived in maryland, but i wasnt particularly close to, lets call her haley). i thought she was just joking, but on march 1st she said she was taking haley. i got mad, because shes thought it was no big deal and that i had to find somebody else to go, but when you are planning the whole year that you are going with somebody that just dumps you, its hard to find someone else on short notice, so now im not going. lola and i had a big fight on our cellphones (texting) and wer havent talked since. i knew lola for 11 years and this was out first big fight. should i write an apology note to her for her bday with a small gift (even though i think i am right!) or should i wait. who is wrong and should i yes or no? thanks for reading this huge story it means a lot.
By Lizz 16 years ago :: Friends
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