How do you get someone to just shut up?

My husband and I see his co-workers often, as it is a necessary part of his job. He works with one man who drives everyone bananas! This man loves to hear himself talk, and he considers himself an authority on everything. If you ask him what time it is, he will tell you how to build a watch. He never gives a simple explanation for anything. Instead, he goes out of his way to impress everyone around him with his wealth of knowledge on every subject. It drives us all up the wall, but no one is really sure how to shut him up. I should point out that this group is comprised of well-read, educated people, all of whom have post-graduate degrees! The rest of the group generally know everything Mr. Know-it-all shares. We just don't have a need to constantly impress the way he does. We hate to see him come in the door, frankly. How do we cut him off when he starts his lectures?
By Blujeans 15 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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