Visiting family members are inconsiderate drug addicts- Please help!

My brother-in-law recently moved his wife and three small children into my house. He and his wife are enduring major financial problems including foreclosure and repossession of cars. In addition, they are both addicted to Oxycontin and claim to be in withdrawals due to quitting. I live in California, and his family lives in Virginia. They drove to California and all of them got sick on the way. His wife contracted pneumonia and the rest of them were suffering from the flu.

They have been here for six days. My spouse and I agreed to let them move in, and granted them exclusive use of the upper third of my house, which includes three bedrooms, two full baths and a living room/den.

My spouse has a disease which causes immune system deficiency and recently had lung surgery, so her lungs are particularly vulnerable to infection, which could easily kill her. My lungs are weakened for 20 bouts with pneumonia when I was younger.

When my brother-in-law was driving out from Virginia, he mentioned they were all sick. I asked him to please wear masks when outside of their bedrooms to limit my spouse's exposure to illness. He agreed, and promised to keep his family in their part of my house (my house is very large and his area is over 2000 square feet). I agreed this would probably be for the best, at least for the first few weeks until his family were less contagious.

When they arrived, they were VERY sick. The adults soon sequestered themselves to their rooms to recuperate.

Now that a few days have past, most of them are feeling better, however his wife is still contagious, and will continue to be for eight more days. She walks around my house, does not sanitize what she touches, and rarely wears the masks I provided. I have told him repeatedly about the 80 different bacteria that cause pneumonia, and let him know the bacteria can live on surfaces and in the air for hours. Still, she will not wear the surgical mask.

I have spent the past six days cleaning up after their three children and dog, as well as smothering my house with alcohol. I repeated my concerns to him this morning. He claims I am picking on his wife and "just being mean". He seems overly offended, and today he threatened to "just take off" this Friday.

He is very important to my spouse, and I want to do everything I can to help him get back on his feet. We have given him a few thousand dollars, and he has used my spouses credit card without her permission to rack up another thousand dollars in debt. I feel that he is taking advantage of us and need advice. If I ask him to leave, he would have nowhere to go. His children and dog are underweight. I requested his school age children get flu shots before going to school, but he acts as if this is a burden he cannot be encumbered with.

Please help!
By spearstreet 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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