Why does my husband interrupt me every time I speak?!?

Every single time I try to talk to my husband about anything (and I mean ANYTHING) he has some comment to make. One night we were watching wrestling and I asked him if he had ever seen the Mick Foley documentary. He proceeded to say, "I know, shhhh" and that was it. Yesterday our cat got out and I told my hubby that I found him by our neighbors house. In front of my best friend my husband said, "I saw the cat by the bush on the other side of our apartment, there is absolutely no way you found him at the neighbors place." Why? Why does he either interrupt, shush, or put me down every single time I speak? I haven't had sex with the guy in almost a month because of this. I'm not trying to punish him or anything, I just can't see myself getting intimate with an asshole. Ideas anyone? Oh, and I have tried to tell him how I feel but I'm sure you can guess how that went....grrrr.....
By xoxo 15 years ago :: Marriage
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